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Delight Maker 5 A Day – Soul Food Diet

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Whatever You Love, Matters Now

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Giving : The Exhalation of the Heart

Champion of Delight : Rocking Hal

Introducing : Rocking Hal Our Champion of Delight Membership is starting to grow and we felt that it would be lovely to introduce people to one another through story sharing. So, so we have decided to do regular features of our Champions as part of the weaving together of our community of beautiful souls. Hal Taylor is our first featured Champion of Delight, an early member and a natural choice as he is quick to speak up about his passion and make his voice heard.   He wrote to me immediately upon joining wanting to know more about how we were …Continue reading »

Finding Delight : November Alchemy

In recent years I have noticed that November has been sneaking into the number one position for my favourite months. I suspect that whatever month is occurring is my favourite month at the time, but November has certainly been capturing my heart of late. My walks at the lake and the woods have been lengthening each day as the beauty of the season has made it far too challenging to stay in, and the outdoors has felt more like home. This week my usual 1 and ¼ hour walk extended to nearly 5 hours as I wandered off track and …Continue reading »