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The Delight Makers is a Social Enterprise and Charity that is Governed by Love.

how much carisoprodol can i take This means that we place people and planet before profit. Our intention is to create projects that will help move all of us toward a planet that is Governed by Love. We want to see Love at the heart of education, health care, food production, business, community, environment, animal welfare; basically every aspect of life. We want to see Love and service at the centre of government at all levels, local to international.

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soma how long to beat We have all witnessed the result of a world where Love has been side-lined, forgotten, invalidated and dismissed as an emotional irrelevance for centuries; the result has been violent degradition of the human spirit and the natural world. Profit, greed and accumulation of power as priorities has left us with a world where all life has been desecrated, reduced to a commodity and desecrated for the “benefit” of the few. It is time for change.

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soma dealer europe Fortunately many people throughout the world are awakening and more and more people are beginning to stand up to reclaim their power …  that power comes from our ability to choose LOVE, to act from and on behalf of LOVE, and to choose to let no false power stand in the way of our choice to Love.

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carisoprodol uk buy Imagine if governments could only create laws that served love Soma D 31 Imagine a constructive media that focused on Love and truth and positivity carisoprodol with alcohol Imagine is food were grown with love; no intensive farming or animal abuse soma tabs smashing Imagine if business were run for people and nature before profit soma 150 mg Imagine if schools taught children how to think instead of what to think and how to love and be loved carisoprodol 350 mg and xanax Imagine health care, law, community protection and policing, fashion, tourism, industry, arts, the military … soma used in a sentence Imagine a world run by Love.

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carisoprodol 350 mg street name How would your profession, work place, community, family … life change?

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para que es el naproxeno carisoprodol Is there something you can do now to start the shift?

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As a reminder for our own governance we have  created our BIG LOVE POLICY carisoprodol use :) is carisoprodol a controlled substance in new york
The 10 Delight Makers’ Commandments
  1. Remember and recognise Love/Source/God in all beings; every being and everything is sacred. Remember you are Love.
  2. Love; be friendly to all life, care and be kind
  3. Honour all life and protect the vulnerable
  4. Speak from Love; speak the truth of your heart
  5. Be potent and own your power with full response-ability; give no power to false authorities, pretender powers or usurpers of personal sovereignty and your direct connection to Love/Source/God
  6. Make and create from, and with, love
  7. Shine; share your merits with the world for the benefit of all
  8. Empower with Love; share your wisdom, experience and gifts to bring healing and liberation to the lost, confused and dis-eased
  9. Appreciate and celebrate; vibrate gratitude, beauty, laughter, joy, and happiness
  10. Do not desecrate or violate a single person, being or thing; do not undermine, diminish, judge or reduce a single person, being or thing to a commodity or anything less than sacred, priceless and whole.
order soma with no prescription About the The Delight Makers :

What Does Soma Mean This is the first time a charity has been created to unite all of the world’s wisdoms … ancient and modern, spiritual and scientific … and share them through joy, art, beauty, love and celebration.

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carisoprodol mixed alcohol Our mission is to raise the consciousness of our planet in an inspiring, joyful and empowering way. If you would like to find out more about being part of our amazing community, Champions of Delight Soma Liver Damage , please Click on the Button below. Your support will enable us to bring the gift of love and wisdom, through beautiful bed time stories, to children around the world, of all ages.

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Buy Soma Online Overnight Delivery If you would like to receive our FREE Newsletter please Click the Button below:

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