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The Delight Makers is a Social Enterprise and Charity that is Governed by Love.

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As a reminder for our own governance we have  created our BIG LOVE POLICY buy cheap generic ambien :) purchase lorazepam
The 10 Delight Makers’ Commandments
  1. Remember and recognise Love/Source/God in all beings; every being and everything is sacred. Remember you are Love.
  2. Love; be friendly to all life, care and be kind
  3. Honour all life and protect the vulnerable
  4. Speak from Love; speak the truth of your heart
  5. Be potent and own your power with full response-ability; give no power to false authorities, pretender powers or usurpers of personal sovereignty and your direct connection to Love/Source/God
  6. Make and create from, and with, love
  7. Shine; share your merits with the world for the benefit of all
  8. Empower with Love; share your wisdom, experience and gifts to bring healing and liberation to the lost, confused and dis-eased
  9. Appreciate and celebrate; vibrate gratitude, beauty, laughter, joy, and happiness
  10. Do not desecrate or violate a single person, being or thing; do not undermine, diminish, judge or reduce a single person, being or thing to a commodity or anything less than sacred, priceless and whole. can you buy phentermine 37.5 online About the The Delight Makers :

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